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22 September 2020


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Young Boy N.B.A. is one of the hottest rappers working today. His latest album Top  has reached No. 1 on the Billboard top one hundred, making this his third album to reach pole position in the charts, and his fourth in the top 10. According to Billboard the album has sold 126,000 equivalent album units which is his biggest debut to date.

The album features 19 songs including the hits, “Calling, Kacey Talk and All In”. Young Boy N.B.A. is also joined on the album by hip hop legends like Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg. The rapper is known for being one of the most controversial artistes working today and this album has included the usual drama. This time he’s been accused of using the cover art for Rody Ricch’s Please Excuse me for Being Antisocial album.

On a more positive note Young Boy N.B.A. also made the news when he helped a fan out by gifting her with $1000. This act of generosity occurred when the rapper was at a Taco Bell in Los Angeles. He was approached by the fan and her 13 year old daughter who wanted to take a photo with the rapper.

In a surprise turn of events Young Boy then handed the teenager a pull up diaper which was stuffed with the money. A video posted to social media shows the girl and her mother overjoyed at having received this money. It seems as if Young Boy N.B.A. is one of the few artists who really does care about his fans.

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