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7 May 2020


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The year was 2015 and gully bop was a social media sensation. After a video of him free styling went viral this homeless guy was set to become dancehalls next major star. Soon he was being booked for shows all over the island, which culminated with a triumphant performance at Jamaica’s annual magnum “Sting clash.”


At this point he was one of the fastest rising artists in the Jamaica’s history. The future looked bright and it seemed as if Gully Bop would escape poverty and achieve stardom. Fast forward to today and Gully Bop is almost completely forgotten. So, what went wrong?

It’s a tale as old as time. Unfortunately Gully Bop was unable to capitalize on his viral success and his early momentum stalled. That and a combination of bad management, personal issues and the fact that he was surrounded with toxic, negative people, that was not there for him but instead they were there for the opportunities & money they could get for themselves.

With that being said, there is still hope for this artiste. The talent that made him a viral star is still there, and he has enough fans and well-wishers to launch a successful career. So, let us hope he can move past the negativity and make his way back to the limelight.

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