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3 July 2020


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In his 2009 hit “Love Dem” Vybz Kartel famously referenced being attacked with a knife by his  common – law wife Tanesha, “Shorty” Johnson. Most fans thought it was an example of the artiste dark humor. But according to Tanesha the Dancehall legend wasn’t exaggerating. In a recent interview the mother of his three children revealed that after catching Vybz with another women, she did actually attempt to stab him.

She explained that after a fight the artiste retreated to his studio. After texting him and receiving no reply, she took a taxi over to find out what was happening and discovered him in the studio with another women! She immediately flew into a jealous rage and stabbed him. Vybz was then taken to the hospital by Gaza Empire member, “Shawn Storm” and released the next morning in good health.

In other developments, Vybz Kartel has a brand-new lawyer, Isat Buchanan, who hopes to get the artiste released. Funny enough his new lawyer also has a musical connection, being the son of veteran toaster Big Youth. For Isat,  practicing the law is a spiritual thing. He had no interest in doing so until visiting an African spiritualist who told him it was his destiny.


Isat took his advice and the rest is history. As for the Vybz Kartel case, Isat plans to present the case before the UK privy council. This is a United Kingdom based court and also the highest legal authority in that country. His lawyer went on to say that the Jamaican trial was a circus and a joke and,  he’s fairly confident that Vybz Kartel will finally get the justice he deserves.


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