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7 December 2020


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According to the team of lawyers defending Vybz Kartel, they may have made a breakthrough in his case. This is according to defence attorney “Isat Buchanan”.  According to “Isat”, his team is attempting to gain access to voice notes which were recorded by one of the accused in the case. He feels that these notes were tampered with and could possibly be used to prove the innocence of the accused.

As you may already know,  these voice notes were leaked to the public several years ago when they were played in court. These notes were used as a primary piece of evidence in convicting “Vybz Kartel” and although the voice notes contained several death threats and accusations, the defence team feels that this is not conclusive evidence for a murder conviction. Isat Buchanan, is now attempting to argue that these notes were compromised, and that the messages were garbled and not presented in the correct manner.

By doing so the jurors were given an incomplete picture and this is what ultimately lead to the conviction of Vybz Kartel and his co-accused. He also feels that the police may have fabricated some of these messages and also altered data in order to paint his client in a negative light. Ultimately, Buchanan would like to have these notes dismissed as evidence, which could lead to the release of his clients. Whether or not this will actually happen remains to be seen, but to date this is the biggest breakthrough in Vybz Kartels efforts to free himself.

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