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17 April 2020


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What’s happening with “Vybz Kartel”?
Exactly six years after his conviction for a number of charges including murder, the dance hall legend was finally allowed to appeal his conviction. Unfortunately he never stood a chance and the conviction was upheld. People are now going wild on social media with many commenting that he didn’t get a fair trial.

But is this true? Was he treated unfairly? According to his legal team the answer is YES. They say he is innocent and that the entire trial was a travesty of justice. The biggest issue with the case was always that the body was never found and he was only convicted on forensic evidence – most of which was faulty. There were also a number of other issues, such as the fact that one member of the jury was accused of bribery.

So at the end of the day can you really say he is guilty? Who knows? But in the eyes of the authorities the answer is yes, and “Vybz Kartel” may be spending the next few decades behind bars. Unfortunately once again the Gaza fans are left disappointed by the decision but as always, hope is still there.

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