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23 May 2020


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Jewelry or, “Bling” as it is also known, goes hand in hand with certain genres of music. The most obvious is hip hop music where almost every artist covers themselves in jewelry, mostly chains. Another genre of music where artists wear these chains is Dancehall. Many Dancehall artists are known for wearing enormous amounts of jewelry. From earrings, to chains, rings and more music artists are known for their love of bling.

One of the first examples of this was the artist Kurtis Blow, who wore several gold chains on the cover of one of his albums. Another rapper who is also famous for his jewelry is Slick Rick. He’s known for his huge collection of diamond encrusted jewelry and says this was initially inspired by his love of Mr. T.   During live performances he will often wear dozens of chains, pendants, Rolex watches and eye patches covered with jewels (In case you didn’t know Slick Rick was blinded in his right eye as a child and has worn an eye patch his entire life.)

But where does this trend originate from? Some music historians think that this was done to show off the fact that the musician was successful. That they had achieved enough success to be able to blow their money on gold chains. In this manner, it was a way for these artists to demonstrate that they had climbed out of poverty and made it.

Other people think that it’s merely a fashion statement and that artistes did it to stand out from others. There are still others who believe that this is a cultural thing, and that wearing chains and large amounts of jewelry goes all the way back to Africa, where almost everyone would adorn themselves with some type of body decoration, which included jewelry.

No matter what you might believe, the fact is that jewelry is a staple of fashion in certain musical genres, and this fact is unlikely to ever change. Share your thoughts on this.

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