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17 April 2020


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One of the biggest questions regarding the COVID-19 outbreak is ” What happens to the homeless”. This is a good questions and the issues with the homeless people and this virus are numerous. The first is that they have nowhere to go. For them it’s not as simple as self-quarantining or, “Sheltering in place”. Most homeless also live in densely packed areas which makes social distancing almost impossible.

The homeless are also forced to move around every day and depend on hand outs to survive. When the streets are empty how do they do this? Another issue is that the overwhelming majority are in extremely poor health and also have drug and alcohol problems. Which makes them particularly vulnerable to this virus, and also means they could become a major disease vector.

To alleviate this problem some areas, most notably Los Angeles, are moving their homeless into hotels. Other places like Los Vegas are making them sleep in parking lots to enforce social distancing.

What this really does is say a lot about our society and about the people in charge. For decades it’s been obvious there is a homeless problem in America, yet no one has done anything about it. How ironic that the homeless will now only serve to worsen and compound the virus.

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