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18 April 2020


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Just like everyone else, celebrities have been forced to self-isolate and go into quarantine. And just like us, most celebrities are going stir crazy from being stuck indoors all day. Many of them are dealing with this by holding virtual concerts.

But one celebrity who refuses to buy into the hype, is Rastaman Reggae singer “Chronixx” who, according to his Instagram page, is “Not buying into the COVID-19 bullshit.”

In his opinion corona virus is nothing more than a distraction and an attempt to control humanity.
Instead of holding virtual concerts like every other celebrity he’ll be spending time in nature and won’t be joining the, “Circus.”

Also, according to him this thing is one big conspiracy perpetuated by the elites in order to push vaccinations. He’s stated that the ONLY time that he would give a virtual concert was to fight against vaccinations. This is certainly an interesting take, and he does have a point – let’s see how it works out.

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