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1 February 2021


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Protoje is one of the hottest contemporary Reggae singers. A staple of the scene, this artiste has a long line of hits, starting with his 2005 mixtape, Lyrical Overdose Volume 1. The singer also has a string of hits behind his name including tracks like, “Dread, Ja, and the still popular Roll.” What many people may be unaware of is that Protoje is the son of Jamaican singer Lorna Bennett, and with this type of parentage, his talent is no surprise.

It’s this talent which lead to the creation of what could now be his most popular track, the recently released, “A Vibe” which is the lead single from the 2020 album In Search of Lost Time.  One of the reasons why this track has received so much attention is because it features American rapper Wiz Khalifa. As you may know Wiz is famous for his love of marijuana, and the track features lyrics which speak about the relaxing power of marijuana and it’s many benefits.

As for the music, this track is equally as laid back as it’s lyrics and features a chilled beat which is perfect for recreational smoking. This is the type of song you’ll want to listen to when it’s time to relax after a hard day at work, or when you’re spending time with your lover. All in all, it’s definitely one of Protoje’s best, and according to fans of both artistes, easily destined to become a classic.

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