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8 May 2020


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Breaking news! Rapper Kodak Black was recently involved in a vicious attack while handcuffed.


It’s alleged that he was attacked over the weekend by seven prison guards while behind bars in USP Big Sandy. As you may know the Roll In Peace rapper is currently incarcerated due to a number of incidents. According to a post his rep made on Instagram one of the guards flicked his genitals and told him, “You’re not so gangster now, you’re going to need bigger balls to survive.” The rep went on to say that he was then beaten by the guards while cuffed and repeatedly struck on the head with a metal object.


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Not only that, fellow inmates report that he’s also been denied phone or visitation privileges for six months due to an alleged assault on a Miami corrections officer.

It’s said that he grabbed a guards testicles with such force that, “His abdomen and intestinal wall were breached” and that the guard later needed surgery. According to the rep his legal representation has been notified and they will be seeking a full investigation by both the justice department and the FBI.

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