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9 June 2020


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One of the hottest new Dancehall artistes is a young man called “Skillibeng”.  Music producers are always experimenting with new sounds and one of the latest developments is something called, “Traphall” a sound which Skillibeng has quickly adopted.

Based in St. Thomas, this fast-rising star claimed in a recent interview that he is helping to shape the new era of dancehall music. This is certainly true, and the artiste music is an intoxicating blend of Dancehall and trap music beats together with vocals that remind one of Hip Hop.

Critics have compared him to another newcomer “Rytikal”, who is also rising quickly on the Dancehall scene. Both of these artistes come from the same area in St. Thomas and are also signed to the same record label, “EastSyde Records”.


In a recent interview Skillibeng commented that, “I am my own biggest inspiration, and long as I’m mastering my craft and developing new sounds, then I have done my best.” This certainly seems to be the case, and if you listen to his mega hits Brik Pan Brik or 50 Bag, it becomes readily apparent that this artiste has a bright future ahead of him.

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