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9 October 2020


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Hip hop artist DaBaby was involved in some serious drama over the weekend. According to sources several shots were fired during the filming of his new music video. Sources are still unsure if this was actually a music video shoot or something else. But despite this, shots were fired and this footage has now surfaced on social media.

In the footage you can see several cars driving up and down a road. Then, several gun shots are heard and members of the crew begin to duck and run for cover. In a second video which has come to light, police cars and an ambulance are seen. A bystander also mentions that a woman was hit by gunfire, although this has not been officially confirmed.

The rapper quickly responded to this, saying that it had absolutely nothing to do with him. According to DaBaby he wasn’t in the area when gunfire erupted, and has no idea what happened. DaBaby also recorded several Instagram stories where he was seen throwing bundles of money into a Louis Vuitton Bag as well as smoking, listening to music and strangely, going into a haunted house. Not being one to let an opportunity for publicity go to waste, the rapper also mentioned that obviously this means a new video is on the way.

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