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4 June 2020


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With protests going on all around the country in honor of George Floyd dozens of celebrities are stepping in and doing their part to support the cause. These celebrities are showing that they really care, and putting their money where their mouth is. 

Dozens of celebrities are doing their part to help, and many paying bail money to help get the protesters out of prison.

Some of these celebrities include people like Gabrielle Union who has donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, as well as the Louisville Community Bail Fund. Artist Lizzo has also contributed to bail funds and also to the Black Visions Collective, an organization which invests in black communities. Dozens of more celebrities have pledged to help and match their donations including musician No Name, Cindi Mayweather, Kerry Washington, Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, Don Cheadle

Not only that, football star Colin Kaepernick has started his own legal defense fund for the protesters. The name of the organization is called, “Know your rights” and they provide free legal representation for protesters who have been arrested.

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