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30 May 2020


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Old school rapper DMX has become embroiled in another feud, this time with Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. The rapper is known for having one of the most unique voices in hip hop, as well as being a master lyricist. This is a man who people respect, so when he was recently asked in a live stream who he thought were the best lyricists of all time people sat up and paid attention.

The interviewer mentioned that a lot of people thought Lloyd Banks should be included in this list, but DMX responded that no, he wasn’t nearly good enough. This prompted Banks to comment on social media, where he claimed that X only said this because Banks declined to contribute to his latest album.

DMX then made an apology where he admitted that he was wrong, but followed up by claiming that he actually meant to say Tony Yayo. Fans took to social media to agree with him, with most  commenting that he was right. One fan even says that while Tony is a good rapper, he was always more of a back-up singer for 50 Cent than an actual star.

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