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7 May 2020


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Dexta Daps is back on the streets! 

After being released from custody, this celebrated Dancehall Artiste headed straight back to the recording studio. Even though he just spent three weeks behind bars it seems the only thing on his mind right now is music, and Dexter immediately put in a recording session and released a new single entitled “Breaking News”.

This track features his trademark sexually charged lyrics along with a pulsating dancehall rhythm. It’s a soulful track which highlights the serious theme of domestic violence, with Dexta imploring couples to stop their fighting and handle things in a better way. As it turns out, his fans on Instagram (And more specifically his female fans) have gone wild for this tune, and so far he’s racked up 330,000 views in only two days.

Not only that, in a short segment, also posted on Instagram, Dexta appears on the balcony of his recording studio shirtless and wreathed in smoke. He then sings several bars from the song to the delight of his fans and supporters.


Dexta’s speedy release from prison was mostly down to the fact that he was able to hire an expert legal team, which includes lawyer Peter Champagne. According to his lawyer the police accused him of having criminal connections in the local area, but this simply isn’t true and the fact that he was released without formal charges backs this up.


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