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15 April 2020


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Living under quarantine doesn’t necessary mean you have to sit around doing nothing. Celebrities, artists and DJs are harnessing the power of technology to live stream performances and stay in contact with their fans and cheer them up.

Dozens of celebrities including John Legend, Jennifer Hudson and The Roots are getting in on this.

What’s more, 33 DJs recently came together and held a 24 hour set where they raised $185,000 for COVID-19 related charities.

Not only that, BET has lined up Chance the Rapper, DJ Khaled and more for a coronavirus TV special on the 22nd of April so watch out for that.
These concerts are a great way for celebrities to connect with fans and show they really care. Plus they’re a lot of fun.

That being said, is this really a good idea: Maybe these artists should be spreading awareness instead? A good example of this is Sean “DIddy” Combs who has used his platform to raise awareness and speak on how this virus is affecting the black community.

As you may know this virus is hitting black people hard! In America, 33% of the people hospitalized are African Americans and a massive 68% of deaths in Chicago were also African American.

There are many reasons for this. Some include the fact that African Americans, are less likely to have access to health insurance and are also more likely to live in overcrowded accommodation compared to the general population. Unfortunately, many also end up working low income jobs, and their younger generation seems to be in denial that COVID-19 will actually affect them, which means they have a greater exposure to the virus.

During this two hour meeting they talked about ways of dealing with this public health issue, why the disease is affecting low income people more than others, the effect that it is having on people who are incarcerated, economic relief and the mental hardship that quarantine is taking on people. Make sure to watch this meeting online to stay up to date with all of the facts.

It didn’t end there though, along with this address, he also held a special virtual dance-a-thon on Easter Sunday to help raise money for healthcare workers, and people affected by this virus. For this event he was joined by a special guest, his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez. Not only that, Drake, Usher and Lizzo also showed up for this event.

It’s especially important that African Americans are aware of this virus and take precautions.

This disease affects everyone. No matter how young you are, or how good your health is, you can still get sick. You are not invincible! So please take care of yourself and follow the rules. Stay at home, wash your hands frequently and let’s just hope that we can all get through this alive.

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