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19 April 2020


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Times are tough right now.

The coronavirus has put a lot of people out of work. If you’re one of these people, and can’t pay your bills, this guide will give you some ideas for earning money during this crisis. Most of these ideas won’t cost you a cent, or else they will cost you very little.

How to make money on the internet.

By far the easiest way to earn extra money is on the internet.

There are dozens of things you can do to make money online without having to invest any money. To use these ideas you will need a computer and an internet connection (Although some of the time these jobs can be done with only a smartphone.)

One of the easiest things you can do is simply be a virtual assist.

As a virtual assist you will be given a wide variety of jobs from answering emails to performing data entry. If you have basic computer skills, you should be able to easily handle these. The easiest way to find these jobs is to simply Google, “Virtual assistant jobs” or, “Virtual assistant jobs + your city.”

Another great site you can check out is

This is a community where people talk about online money-making opportunities. The site mostly discusses quick and easy jobs that you can do online to make extra money. While most of these jobs don’t pay a lot of money it’s better than nothing.

One of the best online money-making sites is called Mechanical Turk. This is a crowdsourcing website (Owned by Amazon so you know it’s legit) where you can do extremely simply computer jobs. These include things like data entry, surveys, and transcription. If you visit the beer money mentioned above, you’ll find an in-depth guide to Mechanical Turk.


How to make money in the real world.

If you’re not suited to working online there are other things you can do.

Dog walking – This is a simple and easy business which anyone can start

Babysitting – if you’re a woman you might also be able to get babysitting jobs

Yard work – look for yard work in your area that you can offer to do. Raking leaves, clearing refuse, tidying up people’s gardens stuff like that. 

Recycling – if you’re willing to do the hard work collecting cans or cardboard this can earn you extra money.  

When trying to find work like this my advice is to look for classified adverts websites in your area, and Facebook groups. Another simple way is with community notice boards. A lot of cities have these boards outside of grocery stores and in other places. You can advertise yourself on these boards and look for jobs.

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