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20 April 2020


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Black men are universally known for dressing well.

It’s just a fact and it goes without saying that Black men have a unique relationship with fashion. From a young age most, Black men have strong views on fashion and know exactly how they want to look and dress.

But what makes Black men so fashionable?

Why is there such a high standard?

Is it to stand out in a crowd…to make a statement and show who you are… is it about culture or is it only a trend setting thing where everyone just copies everyone else?

Or maybe it’s a socio-economic thing. For example, many looks, and trends have developed by accident or out of necessity. We know that many trends such as baggy pants developed in places like prison. This look originated because belts were taken away for infractions, and this is what lead to the baggy, low slung pants look.

There are many reasons and no definite answers.

What’s important is that all of this has influenced society. Today Black men’s look have been copied and mimicked outside of the Black community and even outside of the US. Their trends and sense of style have bled out into the wider world, spread to all four corners of the globe and are imitated by millions.

Ultimately Black men have always been trendsetters. And when you really get down into the heart of things, it’s easy to see why.

A well-dressed man is taken more seriously and gets respect.

He’s given the dignity he deserves and gets what he wants. When a well-dressed Black man comes down the street you stop, think and look.

Dressing well is about sending a message to the world. It’s about putting your best foot forward and showing that you mean business. First impressions last and when you look good people treat you differently.

And finally, the most important reason, is that when you look good you just feel good!

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