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17 April 2020


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Some people are lucky and then there’s “6ix9ine”. Despite the enormous amounts of drama in his life he’s somehow managed to survive.

After citing his fears of being infected with COVID-19 a judge granted his request to be released early. He will now spend the rest of his sentence under house arrest – which is ironic because all of us are under house arrest at the moment.

Being out of prison also means he’s able to start up new social media accounts and predictably he’s already making inflammatory comments. Days after being released he commented on a post about Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti offering rewards to citizens who, “Snitch” on people violating the stay at home order, with 6ix9ine commenting, “Coming to the rescue.”

It seems his time behind bars has taught him nothing! And as to whether or not he will try to salvage what’s left of his career who knows?

According to his attorney while serving the rest of his sentence at home, he is planning to release 2 new albums.

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