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26 April 2020


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2020 might turn out to be one of the greatest times that you could ever choose to travel. Now is the time to start planning your dream vacation and if you’re looking for somewhere to go here are five of the best exotic travel destinations for 2020.

1. Armenia

This little country is soon to be one of the world’s most talked about destinations. One reason to go there is for the architecture. This country has dozens of medieval churches which are simply stunning.

2. Bahia, Brazil

This north-eastern state in Brazil is known for its rich Afro-Brazilian heritage and incredible beaches. It’s West African dishes, music and rich history make it a must visit destination.

3. Botswana’s’ Salt Pans

These salt pans measure more than 6,200 square miles and are all that’s left of an ancient super lake. Covered with fossils and stone age artifacts, you will have the time of your life exploring this natural wonder.

4. Dubai

This city is truly something special. More than 25 million tourists visit annually and while it may not seem like the type of place you’d want to go, the abundant shopping, eating and nightlife opportunities make it well worth visiting.

5. Okinawa, Japan

This might be one of the most exotic destinations you’ll ever visit. This tiny island will enchant you with its gorgeous coral reefs, impossibly blue lagoons and abundant sense of peace.

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