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24 June 2020


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Have you heard about these real life black African kings? Below are some of the most powerful and respected ancient African kings which most people have no idea existed.

1. Oba Oduduwa:

Oduduwa is seen as the father of the Yorubaland and Yoruba Dynasty. He is a folk hero in Nigeria and according to legend he had 16 sons and daughters. Each of these were sent out to the centers of his conquered territories to rule and found a kingdom of their own, eventually forming the Yoruba people’s as we know them today.

2. Osei Kofi Tutu:

Leader of a wealthy and powerful west African kingdom, Osei also created one of the first African militaries who used firearms. His source of wealth came from the large salt and gold deposits in his kingdom, which were traded all throughout Africa.

3. Oba Ewuare:

Also known as Ewuare the Great, Oba was known as the first king of the Benin Empire and also one of the first warrior kings of West Africa. He was renowned for his fighting abilities and was said to have conquered more than 201 towns and villages which surrounded his kingdom.

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