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27 January 2021


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For centuries man has been fascinated by UFOs and the potential existence of aliens. Whether you believe in this or not, you have to agree that it’s an interesting topic. Are they real or is this simply a load of nonsense?

As it turns out Ziggy Marley is one of the many believers. In a recent post made to social media, the Reggae legend made a series of statements where he claimed that UFOs (or extra-terrestrial flying vehicles as he calls them) are 100% real. According to the singer, we are victims of a grand conspiracy involving the government and various intelligence agencies who are afraid to open the eyes of the people.

He claims that we need to be told the truth about this situation, and that there needs to be a mass acceptance of this knowledge, which will expand the world’s mind-set. He also stated that life exists beyond this planet and that we need to expand our horizons, open our minds, and contact extra-terrestrial life.

But many of his fans disagree. While the majority were accepting of his beliefs, many felt that the singer was talking rubbish, and made fun of the singer over social media. Some commenters also mentioned the fact that belief in UFOs was against the singers Rastafarian faith and that there was no mention of them in the bible. These individuals went on to say that if UFOs and extra-terrestrial life was actually real, then this fact would have been mentioned in the gospel. After reading the bible myself I must say I have to disagree with these comments, and I feel where Ziggy is coming from.  Tell us, what are your thoughts on this? Are there any mentions of UFO’s in the bible?

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