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19 April 2020


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There are dozens of Reggae and Hip-Hop artists who have spent time in prison. But what is the reason for this, and how does it affect their lives?

The unfortunate truth is that prison is a place where you have a massive amount of free time. Many of these artists write their first tracks in prison. Creating music can give you something to do and provide you with hope during difficult times.

This is basically where gangsta rap originates from. Some of these artists were criminals who went to prison and then turned their attention to music. One of the most famous examples of this was “50 Cent” who sold crack and was later shot nine times.

Many of these artists also have extremely wild lifestyles which eventually gets them in trouble with the law. This can vary from drug or firearm possession or even something more serious like murders and drive by shootings.

For example, “Lil Wayne” served 8 months in Riker’s island for criminal possession of a weapon. Another example is “Vybz Kartel”, a Jamaican reggae dance hall star who was sentenced to life in prison for murder and will not be eligible for parole until after serving 32 ½ years of his sentence.

Haters are also a factor in this equation. There are people out there who are jealous of success. They will do and say anything to get you into trouble, and are overjoyed to see a rising star fall.

Another fact is that these artists are often targeted by the police. Imagine you’re a small-town cop and you see a hip-hop artists tour bus pull through. There’s a good chance that you’d want to pull that bus over just for the hell of it. The truth is that hip hop artists are unfairly targeted by the police, and for no good reason at all.

Having the imagine of being, “Bad” is also often a big part of what goes into being a Hip-Hop artist. The problem is that this isn’t helpful to your career.

Going to prison and having a criminal record is no laughing matter. Although some artist become more popular, it can seriously affect or even permanently destroy your career. Paying legal costs to stay out of prison can bankrupt a person, plus you could lose decades of your life inside.

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