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20 April 2020


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The state of hip hop generally depends on who you’re talking to.

One person will tell you it was the worst year on record for the genre and another will say it was the best. And yes, 2019 did give us somewhat disappointing releases from chance the rapper and Kanye West.

But it also provided us with breakthrough records from artists like Young thug, DaBaby and the late Juice WRLD. Overall it was another great year for hip hop.

Which just goes to show that the genre continues to grow and go from strength to strength, constantly evolving as it always has been.

The south has provided us with some of the most interesting and innovate music over the decades. If geography influences psychology then it’s easy to see why this area has birthed some of music’s most talented artists.

Another one of these future southern super stars is Young Boy NBA aka Young Boy Never Broke Again.

Having released eight independent mixtapes over the years he has grown a cult following, and been praised by other artists like DaBaby. And now this talented artist has managed  to score a  Billboard 200 hit with his debut studio album entitled Until Death Call my Name.

His music is dangerous, aggressive and has an attitude which terrifies competitors. It’s a kind of recklessness which is dangerous but can also be exhilarating. But despite this street tough image he seems to have a sensitive side which songs such as Lonely Boy attest to

Like most artists who are about to hit the big time he’s also young as his moniker suggests.

And being young he has an entirely different approach to music than the older crowd. The truth is that innovation and newness is always more likely to come from the youth. From the people who are most connected to what’s happening out there.

Unfortunately, this can prove to be a double-edged sword as many lack the experience and maturity to navigate their way through stardom. We’ve seen this happen with artists like Juice WRLD and XXXTentacion, two artists who passed away well before their time.

Young Boy NBA seems in danger of this.

His success has come with a fair share of drama.

He’s been accused of opening fire on a group of people. Charged with two counts of attempted murder. Spent time in jail for this and then plead guilty to aggravated assault with a firearm. At this point in time he’s been sentenced to a suspended 10-year prison term and three years of active probation.

These are serious issues and right now it’s anyone’s guess how this will affect his future, and whether he’ll be able to stay out of trouble and have the career that he deserves.

Who knows what 2020 holds for Young Boy NBA.

But provided he can avoid temptation and stay on track there’s a good chance he could breakthrough into international stardom. We certainly believe so.

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