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29 May 2020


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Andre 3000 is a musical super star responsible for some of hip hops most famous tracks such as, “I’m sorry Ms. Jackson” and, “Hey Ya!.” But in recent years he’s been largely absent  from the hip hop scene. This has led to many fans asking, “What happened to Andre 3000?”

According to a lengthy article which just came out the star did not enjoy being famous and this led to him retreating from the public eye. He’s still alive and well and working, just in film and television. Most recently he starred in the TV series, Dispatches from Elsewhere, and was also in a critically acclaimed Jimi Hendrix biopic called Jimi: All is by My Side. He was also in the sci-fi thriller High Life alongside Twilight star Robert Pattinson.

As for music the rapper is still sporadically writing and producing tracks. The most recent was the hit, “The Way You Move” which he released in 2019 with partner Big Boi. He’s also appeared as a guest rapper on several tracks by other groups.

Andre 3000 was always known for his unorthodox style of dress and is still hard at work on his fashion label. Another big change in his life was relocating from Atlanta to New York, which he did to get a new start.



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