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21 May 2020


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Vybz Kartel recently released what is probably his most lyrically hard-hitting song ever. This latest release is called, “Sociopath” and it shows a high degree of intellect and truly masterful delivery. The disorganized chorus captures the dangerous frame of mind and impulsive behavior that someone with this condition would engage in. Plus, the rapid delivery and disjointed beat reflects the paranoid state of thinking that this type of person might also be a victim of.

Fans have praised this tune on social media and elsewhere. They have complimented the precision and high degree of intellect displayed on this track. They are also speculating what Vybz Kartel is trying to say by releasing a song like this. Some fans have speculated that he is throwing shade back at Aidonia.

Several weeks ago, the Dancehall artiste questioned Vybz Kartels mental state, claiming that he needed help. For many fans, this track feels as if Vybz is making fun for Aidonia for saying something like that, because only a person in his right frame of mind could create such astonishing verses.

Whatever the case may be, and whatever the fans and public might think, releases like these continue to prove that Taking Vybz Kartels dancehall crown is going to be difficult, or maybe even impossible. Not only that, it shows that he is one of the most gifted dancehall lyricists working in the industry right now, and possibly one of the most gifted lyricists of all time. 

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