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23 April 2020


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In recent times there has been enormous amounts of talk about the elites and their so-called underground paedophile sex trafficking networks. But do these networks actually exist or is all of this just a conspiracy theory?

According to conspiracy theorists these are wicked psychopaths. You have no idea how evil they are and the easiest way to describe them is to say they are, “Possessed by demons.”

What might seem completely insane to you seems ordinary to them. Even something like sacrificing children in occult rituals. But why do they do this? There are many reasons, the biggest being that these elites have a thirst for power. Believe it or not, it really isn’t about sex. Instead they take enormous satisfaction in destroying people and having total and complete power over them.

Abusing children is also a type of initiation. The elites are a type of mafia. This means they need total loyalty and the way they secure this loyalty is through child sacrifice. It’s a type of occult ritual. When the child is murdered it releases an enormous amount of psychic energy and this binds them to each other.

They also record these murders; this is what secures loyalty. Apparently, if you speak out, they will release the footage and your life is ruined. But who is involved in this elite sex trafficking?

Sadly, there is very little concrete evidence against anyone. As we said, the elites keep their mouths shut and carefully guard their secrets. All we can do is guess. But one of the people who is most often accused is Hillary Clinton. According to conspiracy websites she is deeply involved in all kinds of nefarious deeds. People say that her Clinton foundation is actually used to traffic and abduct children

Another group of people who are also said to be deeply involved are the Royal family in Britain. It’s said that Jeffrey Epstein had incriminating evidence on many members of the elite, including Prince Andrew.

Newspapers in Britain have published pictures of him with a girl who later claimed to be one of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex slaves.

If this got out it would cause a major scandal and hurt the royal family irreparably. This could not be allowed to happen and it’s more than likely that Epstein was assassinated by MI5 agents.

Another person who was deeply involved in this type of stuff was Alison Mack. She was once an actress on a series called “Smallville” but was later busted for sex trafficking after she joined a cult where women were kept as sex slaves. According to media reports she would even brand some of these women!

Then there’s Isaac Kappy, an actor who starred in movies like Thor. In 2019 he committed suicide by jumping off a bridge. Before killing himself, he left behind a note claiming to know about underground paedophile networks operating in Hollywood. Was he insane or telling the truth? – we will never know.

And believe it or not even Oprah Winfrey has been accused of sex trafficking. She was involved with a Brazilian religious figure known as, “John of God” who was later arrested. According to newspaper reports,  he was charged with raping and abusing hundreds of underage girls. Did she know what he was up to, who can say? But don’t forget that she was also a close friend of Harvey Weinstein for many years. Finally, we have Will Smith who has also just been accused of rape on social media by Actor “Orlando Brown”. What do you think about that?

One person who is convinced that all of this is about to come to an end is boxer David Rodriguez. He’s certain that the COVID-19 virus is actually a smoke screen for something else. In a recently filmed video, he claimed that the real purpose of the lockdown is to dismantle and take down Hollywood paedophile groups. While we’re all at home, law enforcement agencies are out there secretly arresting people. He also claims that the Clinton foundation is deeply involved in these paedophile networks, which include some of the world’s biggest celebrities

Will the poisonous elites ever be brought to justice? Who knows, but everyday more and more elites are being exposed and it’s quite likely that it will all catch up with them. We can only wait and see.


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