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14 August 2020


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For nearly a century the green goddess more popularly known as cannabis suffered major restrictions and prohibitions by federal and state laws of diverse countries. However, quite recently things took a positive turn for this hemp. Countries such as Canada and thirty-three states in the United States including the Columbian district have consented to the use of cannabis for legal, recreational, medical and beauty purposes.

In line with the fact that cannabis has without a doubt experienced an impressive rise, different new cannabis-related businesses have been created quite rapidly. According to the New Frontier Data, by 2020 cannabis is predicted to generate 250,000 jobs. Impressive right? While we await such new jobs, let’s look at some of the different new businesses it has created so far. Some of such businesses are plant touching while others are ancillary.  

Non-Ancillary Businesses:  

These are businesses that directly touch the leaf and are therefore directly involved in cannabis. Let us take a look at some of them. 

Trimmer Business:    

The trimmer Business booms when it is close to the harvest time of cannabis. Several trimmers are called in to trim leaves and remove buds in order to keep the plants fully potent. Additionally, trimmers must be at least twenty-one years of age and to have a special permit from the state. Aside from this, no other special qualifications are needed.  

Cultivation’s Director:


A cultivations Director in the cannabis sector is simply an experienced specialist who understands the art of cannabis growing. Such directors have the business of managing the planting, watering, cloning, and pest management of cannabis. On a bigger scale, these directors oversee teams of cultivators while also meeting up with law enforcement personnel to ensure that they are not in breach of any law. Furthermore, such cultivation directors earn as high as $88,000 to $250,000.  

Dispensary Manager:    


Being on a salary scale of $56,000 to $98,000 the cannabis dispensary manager business is no joke. Dispensary managers are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that anyone who walks into the store is twenty-one and that every employee obeys the provisions of the state laws. If the store is not a recreational one, then every customer must walk in with medical credentials. If any law is breached from their end, the dispensary can be shut down.  


These are businesses that hardly ever come in contact with cannabis although they function in the industry. They also do not earn as much as non-ancillary businesses. Some of such are:  



Bankers related to the cannabis industry are given the task of providing typical banking services to the cannabis market. They open an account for direct cannabis operators and manage their finances.  

Cannabis Advertising:  


This basically is advertisers who promote the use of cannabis products to consumers. They do this majorly through the media such as YouTube, content marketing which drives target customers to a cannabis company website, and niche marketing which paves a way for cannabis companies to contact individuals who are already cannabis users.  


On a final note, the new businesses sprouting through the legalization of cannabis are many. So much so that the industry is in need of workers capable of handling things related to these businesses. However, despite their vast numbers, they broadly fall into the ancillary and non-ancillary businesses.  As the industry grows, the job opportunities and businesses go through the roof.  


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