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21 May 2020


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Rastafarianism is a unique philosophy which comes with many beliefs and tenets. A core belief of this way of life is the importance of natural living. The Rastafarian believes that his body is a temple and shouldn’t be violated by things like tobacco, alcohol or even coffee. Another belief in Rastafarianism is that you shouldn’t destroy your body with improper foods and always maintain a healthy diet.

This means that all food eaten must be natural, pure and from the earth. Rastafarians avoid food which is chemically modified or contains artificial additives like flavorings and preservatives. They also try to avoid eating anything with salt in it.

Due to this, many Rastafarians follow a strict vegan diet. They refer to this type of eating as “Ital” and it encompasses the diet and food eaten by those in the Rastafarian movement. The word Ital comes from the English word vital with the “V” removed. The emphasis of the “I” is done in many words in the Rastafarian vocabulary and signifies the unity of the speaker with all of nature.

In some strict interpretations, this type of eating extends to avoiding foods which have been produced using chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizer. Or food which has been preserved by canning or drying. Some people even go so far as to avoid the use of metal cooking utensils and only use clay or wooden cooking pots and cutlery. The primary goal of this diet is to increase life energy and liveliness and to bring Rastafarians closer to The Most High.

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