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17 April 2020


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COVID-19 is affecting vulnerable populations the hardest. Included in this group are prisoners who are now fearing for their lives and understandably so. Prison is a densely populated, unhygienic and enclosed space which means that if prisoners are infected then this virus is likely to spread like wildfire. Prisoners also lack access to things like hand sanitizer which is considered contraband.

Jail is already stressful enough and having to deal with this problem just makes things a lot worse. Due to this many states are taking steps to relieve this problem. This includes granting early release to some prisoners in order to reduce the prison population. Other prisoners are not so lucky and are being forced to sew masks.

Another terrifying thing to think about is the fact that many guards are becoming ill as well. There’s always the fear that no one will be there to open your cell in the morning, and although this is highly unlikely to happen – hopefully – it’s still a serious concern. The bottom line being that if you have loved ones in prison, now is probably the time to pray for their safety.

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