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20 February 2021


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Lyrical genius and dancehall veteran Popcaan has recently released two tracks which are sure to cement his status as a dancehall legend. First up is Win, which showcases his trademark laid back style and upbeat lyricism. Over a chilled Afrobeat tempo, he sings about getting everything he ever wanted out of life, and achieving his most dearly wanted goals.

The video for this track features inspirational scenes of victory over tremendous odds, and is sure to inspire anyone who is feeling defeated. Fans of Popcaan may also notice that the lyrics feature multiple shoutouts to former girlfriend, Kavell Keir.

Medal features a similar uplifting message. Once again Popcaan talks about the virtue of persisting through struggle and adversity, to the point where you ultimately achieve the success you’re after.

On this track he also sings about the many great achievers of history including people like Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, Lebron James, and even artists like Pablo Picasso the television character MacGyver. Ultimately the overall theme of the song is that life is a race, and each one of us needs to strive for our own personal medals, no matter what those might be.


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