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30 May 2020


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Born in Atlanta and based in New York, Lil Yachty is one of the most exciting artists to emerge in recent years. And now the wunderkind has chosen this week to release Lil Boat 3, which is said by sources to be the final entry in his Lil Boat series.

This is the artiste fourth album and this time around it features 19 tracks along with a multitude of guests such as Drake, Future, Tyler The Creator, Young Thug, A$AP Rocky and more.

The rapper has already released new singles, “Oprah’s bank account” featuring Drake, plus Split / Whole Time which have got fans raving. The album features striking cover art. In a recent interview the rapper confessed that this is a picture of him taken by his father when he was just a child.

He also went on to say that this album had a painful genesis, and was recorded four times before finally being submitted to his label. Lil Yachty hopes that this will be the album which finally launches him into superstardom, and feels that it’s his best work yet. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen. He’s currently streaming the album online, so if you’re a fan make sure to check this out while you can.

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