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22 September 2020


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Kanye West is back in the headlines once again. Last week he made a number of controversial tweets in which he criticized everything from the Grammy awards to the way the music industry operates. In a series of tweets the rapper included screenshots of his contracts with record labels such as Universal and Sony.  According to Kanye he did this to demonstrate the unfairness of these contracts, and how signing with a record label only results in artists getting ripped off.

On Sunday he continued tweeting on this topic. This time the rapper made a series of tweets in which he proposed sweeping changes to how the music industry is run. His tweets listed 7 guidelines that he wants the industry to follow.


These included artists owning their own copyright for all recordings and songs. These would then be leased to the record label for a limited time. All money made would be split 80 / 20 in favor of the artist. During this series of tweets he also claimed to be the head of Adidas and that he would personally take up design duties at both Puma and Adidas.

Along with these demands he also mentioned vowed to personally assist Taylor Swift in getting her masters back from record mogul Scooter Braun. In his tweets the rapper claimed to be a close personal friend of the record label’s boss and said that he would help to work out a deal between the two.

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