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1 July 2020


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Talk about pure vibes! VerzuzTv held a Instagram hip hop battle with two of New York’s heavy hitters. 

Jadakiss and Fabulous definitely blessed viewers last night with just a few of the hits they made over the past decade. As always Jadakiss kept the hustler’s spirit. While fabulous expressed a very laidback swag. Fab had to let viewers know that some of the songs he performed during the battle were his favorites like “So Into You” featuring Tamia. This was a go to song for when you wanted that special lady to know what’s up! On another note Jada took full advantage of this opportunity to have fun, sip up and get busy on the mic. Sending only love and shoutouts too his people in the industry. You could see Jadakiss enjoyed vibin out to the tunes. They both deserve every bit of honor and praise. The work Jadakiss & Fabulous put in is real! 

These two hip hop legends definitely put on for their city while keeping their swag on a 100. I’m sure viewers wouldn’t shy far from a part two, just saying. In these crazy times we’re in, we needed a reminder of how New York use to be and they def did that! Overall it was instagram history


By: Rashad Roulett

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