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21 May 2020


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Most people have no idea how toxic their homes are. Almost everything in your home contains dangerous chemicals, from the cleaning products that you use to your carpets and furniture. In fact, some experts estimate we have as many as 500 different chemicals in our households. Not only that, they say that indoor air is about 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air.

This is a bad thing because most people spend almost all of their lives indoors. If you are stuck inside all day with these chemicals, your health quickly becomes degraded. This is why you feel so tired and sluggish all the time, and it’s also why so many people have health problems. What’s more, many chronic diseases, such as cancer, are linked to environmental toxins

To prevent this from happening and keep the toxins out, you need to detoxify your home. Start by opening your windows and doors more frequently. You need to keep doors and windows open so that fresh air gets in the house and circulates and removes these toxins. Next, try to use only natural cleaning products. The majority of chemicals are found in cleaning products, so this will go a long way towards keeping you healthy.

You should also have a, “No shoes in the house” policy because your shoes bring in many contaminants from outside. Finally, try to avoid plastics as much as possible as these contain large amounts of chemicals.

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