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15 April 2020


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Over the years dozens of artists have found their spiritual calling and left the entertainment industry to focus on following God. It’s a common theme with entertainers, the most recent example being “Kanye West”.

In the past he took to social media and complained about artists like “Lady Saw” and “Kanye West”, who he feels use their Christian status for gain.  

He even went on to say that these superstars should return the money and possessions they have earned whilst making secular music.
“If they were really doing the Devils work, as they claim, then there should be no problem with this. Also, if they were true believers in Christ then he will still provide for them.”

The star has had a rocky relationship with the church for a while now and although he’s a Christian, he’s also made some controversial statements about religion in the past, and has even spoken about, “Escaping” Christianity.

But this isn’t the only time he’s had run ins with Christians. Three years ago, he released a single called, “Adios Irma.” The purpose of this song was to raise money for people affected by Hurricane Irma. What happened instead was that he was attacked by Christians online because the song was a Dancehall track, instead of a Gospel track. This prompted him to make a statement where he referred to these people as, “Religious Christian fanatics.”  

Soon after that he declared that he was leaving the Church and that the bible was made to, “Destroy” people. How does he really feel about Christianity? Is he just angry at the church for not being perceived and accepted the way that he wanted to be? Will he turn back to Christianity? Who knows?

Well Mr Vegas isn’t the only person who has fallen out with the Church. Another good example is Lieutenant Stitchie, who has also dealt with controversy surrounding his Christianity. The old school dance hall legend of hits like Natty Dread, Nice Girl and Great Ambition, famously converted to Christianity many years ago.

According to people who know him this conversion happened after he narrowly survived a car crash while driving to a performance.  Against his Doctors orders, he checked out of the hospital and went to perform the show.  During this show he was given a bible by a member of the audience, which he later read in his hotel room.

This triggered his conversion to Christianity and he soon moved away from Dancehall music and began producing gospel reggae, later releasing the album To God be the Glory. Not only that, he also received an honorary doctorate for his contribution to gospel reggae music.

All this has changed now and in recent years Lt Stitchie has gone back to his Dancehall roots. In 2018 he released the track, “Undisputed” in which he heavily criticized the Church. In the lyrics to this song he talks about hypocrisies and self-serving attitudes of certain religious people. He also focused on the way these people judge others, instead of sorting out their own problems first.

Finally, he mentions the fact that many Churches are simply interested in controlling and ruling their flock instead of helping sinners.

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