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20 February 2021


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Rising Dancehall artiste Intence has just released what could easily become the hottest track of 2021. What’s unusual about this track is that it was created with the purpose of promoting safe sex. What’s also different is that it comes in two parts titled AIDS Test 1 and AIDS Test 2. Production duties are handled by Taugea Dayes “Countree Hype”, and as you can expect AIDS Test 1 is a certified Dancehall banger. On the other hand, AIDS Test 2 is more laid back and romantically themed. Overall, both tracks talk about the importance of safe sex and condom use.

And despite the change in pace, fans are loving this track. In fact, they’ve been so receptive to the songs positive message, that the track has already racked up a whopping 500,000 views on YouTube and other streaming sites. Praise has also come from the government of Jamaica, with the health ministry congratulating him for this message promoting safe sex. What’s more, Intence even underwent a real life AIDS test in order to prove his commitment to safe sex. Inspiring stuff for sure.

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