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21 May 2020


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It seems as if a new beef might be developing between 6ix9ine and Snoop Dogg! The outspoken rapper recently took to Instagram and accused Snoop Dogg of being a snitch, and a known police informant. This came after Snoop Dogg and other big names in Hip Hop criticized 6ix9ine for testifying against his former gang associates.

Snoop Dogg claimed on social media that the industry was promoting a known snitch and accused media outlets of making snitching cool. According to him, in the past this type of thing would have never happened, and old school rappers would rather die than snitch.

But are the rumors true? For many years there has been talk that Snoop Dogg, one of the biggest stars in Hip Hop, has been secretly working under cover with the authorities. This led some to think that this explains how he has managed to get out of trouble so easily, despite facing some serious problems in the past.

It has long been a fact that many big names in showbiz have worked with the authorities at one time or another. This is how many manage to stay out of jail and rise to the top without getting arrested. But is Snoop Dogg one of these people? It seems extremely unlikely.

6ix9ine is known for making controversial and inflammatory statements, tell us, what do you think about 6ix9ine statements about Snoop?

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