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21 May 2020


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There are dozens of unique ways to smoke marijuana. From joints to pipes and bongs to blunts and vaporizers. But did you know that in India they have a unique way of processing marijuana which is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before?

The locals call it Charas and it’s a type of concentrated resin made from the marijuana plant.  Charas originates from the mountainous Himalayas regions of India (Where some people also say that marijuana was first discovered.) In that part of the world it’s known as “Black Gold”. This is because it’s used for health purposes and also for religious ceremonies in the Hindu religion.

At this point a lot of people might be asking, “Isn’t this just Hash?” But the fact is no. There is one key difference between Charas and Hash, which is that Hash is made from dead plants, while Charas is made by rubbing live plants and collecting the resin on your hands.

As I’m sure you know, the marijuana plant is fragile. What this means is that making Charas is a painstaking process. The villagers who collect the resin spend hours gently rubbing dozens of plants. They do this until their hands are jet black and thick with sticky resin. They then begin another painstaking process of rubbing this resin off their hands and into Charas balls. Once this process is complete the finished Charas is exported or sold to other users such as tourists and Holy men.

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