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8 June 2020


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Legendary artiste Beenie Man, “The Doctor” has dropped a new track called, “Do you want to be that guy”.  In case you’re wondering where the name of this track comes from, it’s a reference to a particular date in history. The date we’re talking about is the night that “Beenie Man” not only went head to head with the “Killer”  but he also went head to head with the Police, in what has become the most popular Verzuz battle of all time.

This live streaming performance on (Verzuz) owned by Swizz Beatz & Timbaland, went on for a breathtaking 12 rounds. During the battle more than half a million people logged on to listen.  The event wasn’t without drama, as during their performance two police officers burst into the studio in an effort to shut things down. According to these officers the artistes were breaching COVID-19 curfew orders. 

Despite this, Beenie man bravely stood up for his rights asking one of the policemen, “Do you want to be that guy?” i.e. do you want to be the person responsible for ending this show. The cop soon came to his senses and allowed the battle to continue. Beenie man’s performance is now considered to be a Dancehall legend. “Do you want to be that guy” was released on June 3rd and fans are loving it!  Listen below and share your thoughts.

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