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12 May 2020


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It appears that controversial rapper 6ix9ine is still tentatively making his way back into the limelight. The star recently made his first semi-public appearance by doing an Instagram live stream. As you can imagine fans were extremely curious as to what he had to say and according to news sources this vide broke Instagram live records with over 2 million views.

As well as his fans this stream was viewed by a number of artists, one of them being Lil Nas X who left a comment where he described the rapper as looking, “Kinda Cute.”

Fans were also interested in what he had to say about the fact that he snitched and co-operated with the FBI. As you can imagine with a star like 6ix9ine he was totally unapologetic. According to him his former associates were disloyal which is why he doesn’t feel bad about snitching. He accused them of sleeping with his baby mother, trying to kidnap his mother and most astonishingly, of being caught on a wiretap trying to set him up to be murdered. He also accused them of stealing millions of dollars from him and of being behind the 2018 kidnapping incident where he was hospitalized and robbed of more than $750,000 in cash.

Due to all these reasons the star claims to feel no remorse about snitching. What’s strange is that he’s someone managed to come out of this controversy looking like the good guy, and fans are more supportive than ever. During the live stream he also spoke about his new single Gooba, which has already received over 75 million views on YouTube.

Despite all this it isn’t all good news. 6ix9ine has already gotten into a Twitter beef with rapper Meek Mill, who accused him of being an, “Informant behind a keyboard.”

Even worse, according to reports he’s been forced to flee the home he’s been staying at since his release from prison. This came after the address was leaked online. Apparently, fans were able to determine his address simply from examining pictures he posted of the house on social media.

What does the future hold for 6ix9ine? Who knows. But with his ability to get out of trouble and make the public eat out of the palm of his hand, it seems as if he will have no trouble getting his career back at all.

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