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11 July 2020


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Can you believe 50 Cent is 45? The chart-topping hip-hop star recently celebrated this milestone and was joined by friends and family including his protégée Tony Yayo and girlfriend Cuban Link. According to the rapper this was actually a surprise party thrown by his girlfriend, which was a first for him.

Other well-wishers included hip hop icon KRS-One, who is a good friend of 50’s (In fact, Curtis credits the artists album Criminal Minded with changing his life and says that it influenced him the most out of everything he’s ever listened to). The theme of the party was black and gold with guests sitting down to enjoy a meal of lamb chops along with mac and cheese, salmon, asparagus and yams.

In less positive news, 50 Cent was involved in an altercation with an unnamed person on Wednesday night. The star was out for dinner with a woman when he was approached and harassed by this person. The two exchanged words and things soon became heated. The man refused to leave when asked by management, and witnesses say that 50 Cent then took things into his own hands by picking up a table and throwing it at the man, along with a chair. 

Bystanders were able to cool the two down and things did not progress from there. Soon afterwards the man fled along with 50 Cent who reportedly left in a white Rolls-Royce. But according to insiders this guy is actually a clout chaser who has had run ins with the rapper before. Sources claim the individual harassed 50 Cent outside a movie theater last year and wanted the star to check out his Instagram. 

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